The Slipknot Experience

You’re surrounded by 10,000 people.

The brutal Texas summer heat is blaring down on you.

You’ve been on your feet for hours and the night has only just begun.

Going to a metal show is an experience unlike any other. There’s no sitting, no standing still and bobbing your head softly. You don’t just settle down and listen. At a metal show, you feel it. You scream, you sweat, and occasionally you bleed a little. But it’s all in good fun.

Everyone around you is representing their favorite band tees, sporting crazy tattoos and hair colors. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors come out and for just a little while nobody cares how different you are because we’re all there for the same reason. The passion for the music.

Slipknot takes the stage. People swarm the pit. Someone is standing on the back of your converse; you’re staring straight into someone’s sweaty back. A hush briefly falls over the crowd as everyone stands in anticipation for the main event.

And then there they are.

“Austin, Texas, are you fucking ready?” Corey Taylor screams. Everyone roars.

The music starts. The lights are flashing. Everyone is jumping and screaming and pushing. The force of the crowd tries to knock you down but there are so many people you manage to stay on your feet.

You’re close to the stage. Behind you and beside you in the pit, people are pushing and shoving. You can feel the music vibrating through the concrete beneath you into the souls of your feet.

The heat from the flames is somehow cooler than the heat of the day, or maybe you’re just used to it by now.  Your legs are trembling from all the jumping. Your throat is raw from all the screaming. Corey Taylor tells you to kneel. You and everyone else does exactly as the King demands.

“When I say, jump the fuck up, what’re you gonna do?”

Everyone screams.

The familiar intro to Spit it Out begins, the pressure is building. The roller coaster is almost to the top.


Everyone springs to their feet, if you hadn’t jumped yet you sure as hell are now.

As the show winds down and the encore finishes everyone stumbles to their cars. You’re smelly, sore, your ears are ringing, and you feel an adrenaline rush like no other. It’s time to stop for a traditional post-concert Whataburger and then home to recover.